Published on November 12th, 2012

Flying through space in our P-Crunked out pimpship, and we come across this totally bogus black hole and an evil dubstep robot – it must be annihilated!

“New Zealand’s favourite son of Glitch hop, K+Lab, adds his contribution with Mr. ‘spear on the huge “Black Hole”. Patented K+Lab nasty baselines define this head nodding chugger…and are those Bollywood string samples I hear?”

You can buy the track as part of The Royal Breakspear Company EP – CLICK HERE!

Music produced by K+Lab & William Breakspear (C. Cowie, W. Brooks)

• Editing – Labtab ( Caleb Cowie )
• Background design – Gradient.co.nz
• Filmed by – Oaariki
• Spaceship Captain – Caleb Cowie
• Man in TV – W.brooks
• Robot design by Gwil
• Green screen courtesy of Yoobee school of design ( WGTN )
• Additional layers courtesy of Beeple
• Awesome hat and glasses from COSMIC

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