McFly Was A Raver… William Breakspear Remix

Published on April 22nd, 2012

Breakspear is back with his funked up “Power Of Love” version of K+Lab and Funkdamonk’s stomper – McFly Is A Raver. He took the original and mashed it up with funk guitars, 80s pop bass and plenty of fun samples, in a mellow yet energetic party breaks style.

Here’s what the guys at Empathy have to say about the release;

“‘McFly was a Raver’ began life as a collaboration between rising stars K+Lab and Funkdamunk. Released by Empathy in late 2011, McFly went on to feature at the right end of glitch charts across the internet. The track has created so much hype, we just had to revisit it.

[EMPD028] comes in two halves. The first treats McFly with all the respect it deserves thanks to our three special guests: William Breakspear, Teknizm & Spoonhead lend their significant musical weight to the fray.”

Buy it from Beatport – HERE.

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