Sedge Warbler : Welcome To The Universe

Published on November 24th, 2010


Sedge Warbler – Welcome To The Universe
Cat: SPRLP001

Welcome to the year two, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, nine. We are about to take you to the next level!”

Children, get your light sabers, the space-shits hit the fan! Introducing Sedge Warbler; a duo sent back in time to fuck up your mind using the deepest, dankest bass rumbles experienced by any carbon-based life form. S.W. are Dank & Disko, two extraterrestrials from the year 20000009. Originating from the furthest reaches of the cosmos, South Africa. Sedge Warbler, have come to take control of your mind, and your bitches.

Sedge Warbler bring us a earth shattering debut album consisting of Ten mind and body altering tracks collectively named Welcome To The Universe. Spanning and advancing numerous genres, Sedge Warbler gift us with an ocean of Glitch Hop, Dubstep and all things Wonky & wonderful.  However, one question remains, can our primitive technology handle Sedge Warbler? Only you can find out…

From the opening title track ‘Welcome To The Universe’, Sedge Warbler makes their intentions clear, setting the stage for a spaceward voyage. Next up slamming into the awkward jilting bass blams of ‘Paranormal Ox Man’ and tales of creatures that go bump in the night. ‘Face Rap’ is a crunked out tipper-esque bass juggernaught & the pace continues on with hard hitting thumps and angular lyrics dripping with funk. ‘Pretty Hop’ brings the tempo down a notch and comes with an infectious lazer bass wonk. Rolling on ‘Super Thug’ smacks the tits off it once more with gangster strings and more ass clapping glitch hop rhythms. ‘Octopus Lover’ & ‘Sand Kids’ bring the temperature back up to boiling point with more def jux style bass bin ruckus. ‘Welcome To The Universe’ wraps up with ‘Eppilogue’, the tale that perfectly closes the final chapter in this epic.

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