Memory9 ft. Juakali – Mission

Published on November 24th, 2010


Memory9 ft. Juakali – Mission
Remixes from King Cannibal, Mochipet, & SRP All-Stars
Cat: SPRR003
Scheduled for release, Jan 17th 2011

Get an exclusive preview of Memory9′s Forthcoming release on Skanky Panky!

Skanky Panky Records are incredibly proud to present the latest single, “Mission” from Milan’s prodigious bleep freak; Memory9. “Mission” is a crushing piece of ragga-tronica. Slamming drum hits thump against brooding basslines and distorted crunky lead hooks. The infamous Juakali spits pure fire as he brings his positive and unique vocal styles to the track, culminating in a huge anthemic chorus. Memory9 has struck the perfect balance between intensely interesting head music and dancefloor killer.

Our first remix comes from a Ninja Tunes veteran; King Cannibal. King Cannibal has just dropped one of the biggest mixtapes of the year, and the “Way of the Ninja” compilation is currently up for a prestigious DJ magazine “Best of British” award. The Kings take on Memory9′s original is a floor shattering affair, stripping back the layers leaving huge drums that pin down a cavernous whomping bassline and skwonky lead line. Genuine dancefloor devastation.

Our next remix comes from one of the most prolific producers on the “glitch hop” scene; Mochipet. Direct from California, the dino-suit clad globe-trotter has a slew of releases under his Daly City Records label from some of the freshest names around. His interpretation is a stripped down affair leaving Juakali’s vocals at the forefront accompanied by p-funk style wonky synth licks, and an epic hands-in-the-air-time arpeggiated chorus.

Wrapping things up nicely we have something a little bit different – a UK Funky flex from the home team champions; SPR All-Stars. Juakali’s vocals ride over a tightly syncopated kuduru beat and growling bass synths. Switching between half-time swagger and full pace really keeps things moving. A bona-fide ass shaker from start to finish!

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  1. Posted by willson on December 29th, 2010, 19:55

    its almost january… you’ll have to release it to me soon.. muahahaha. seriously am waiting daily on this release

  2. Posted by kindandsavoury on January 6th, 2011, 18:23

    ditto, can’t wait for this!

  3. Posted by Buddha on January 7th, 2011, 11:29

    Nearly there folks ;)

  4. Posted by willson on February 9th, 2011, 17:09

    hmm? any idea when the #1 fan will be be playing this album?


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